Sean Solo

Sure, you LOVE jumping around and being silly with The Overrated; but let’s face it – not everyone has the space or energy!!!!!  Looking for a more laid-back atmosphere, but still yearning for some of your favorite Overrated songs?  Look no further!!!!
Sean has been honing his craft as an acoustic musician for nearly 22 years throughout Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania.  If Cat Stevens, Joe Strummer and Louis C.K. managed to somehow reproduce in a biologically-impossible way, the product would be an evening with Sean Shea!
With influences ranging from Woody Guthrie to Chuck D of Public Enemy, Sean tailors each solo performance perfectly for each venue.  From time to time, other members of The Overrated have been known to show up and sit in for a few tunes, but this is Sean’s outlet for his musical interests that may not always fit into the “party” atmosphere that The Overrated strives to provide.
So, if you are looking to feed your addiction for The Overrated between events, tell your local watering hole that you NEED an Acoustic Happy Hour with Sean Shea of The Overrated!