Birthdate:  12/17
Born:  just the once…
Hometown:  Elmira, NY                                          
Influences:  jeez…  I’ve been under the influence of LOTS of things…
First album:  Thriller and “Weird” Al Yankovic in 3D – got them both at the same time
First rock concert:  Poison & Warrant 
First band:   Allagatto
Most memorable gig:  CBGB’s, 1998
Dream Tour:  Magical Mystery
Favorite song:  “Here Comes A Regular” by the Replacements
Favorite song to play live:   “Love Song” by The Cure or “Your Love” by The Outfield
Worst Spinal Tap moment:   The first time I moved from behind the drums to a microphone…  Stepped up to the mic to sing the first verse, and got it wrong.  Started the song over, and did the same thing.
Favorite sport/team:  Giants, Mets, Rangers, Celtics
Favorite movies:  “The Usual Suspects” “Anchorman” 
Favorite TV shows:  Any professional wrestling

Favorite actor/actress:  Daniel Day Lewis / Natalie Portman

Favorite food:  all of it
Favorite pig-out food:  McRibs…  it’s a propblem

Favorite color(s):  Green
Favorite article of clothing:  my Nike microfleece sweats…  13 years old and still comfy as the day I bought them!
Favorite vacation spot:  Vacation?  Is that French?
Worst job:  I was a paperboy a long time ago…  it was nowhere near as fun as the video game lead you to believe
First crush:  I don’t like Orange Soda….
Worst date:   I can’t really think of one….
In my spare time… people still have that?
If You were stranded on an island and could only listen to one album it would be… “Quadrophenia” by The Who
If You made a movie it would be about …  and You’d call it...  it would be about 2 hours long, and I would call it “Douche: The Shane Herchanik Story”
Who would You count on to rob a bank with you?  Why?   Staying away from this one…  That way if I DO ever rob a bank, I won’t be leaving a list of suspects
If you could be anyone for a day it would be…  Hal Jordan
If you could create your own rock & roll heaven for when you die it would…  Let’s be honest here…  if there is a Heaven, I’m not on the list….