Birthdate: Feb 9th
Born:  Elmira
Hometown:  Elmira                                                  
Influences:  Metallica, Soungarden, Frank Zappa, Beatles, holy shit there’s too many to mention
First album:  Ratt- Out of the Cellar or Judas Priest- Screaming for Vengeance can’t recall which I bought first…on cassette at like Nichols or Hills hehe

First rock concert:   Alice Cooper, Ace Frehley, Faster Pussycat. Binghamton 1987
First band:  Decadence I think
Most memorable gig:  hard choice. I opened for a few famous bands. Playing the Lost Horizon in Syracuse was awesome because I had seen so many great bands there before. 
Dream Tour:  Pink Floyd, Zappa, and Metallica, Clutch, Soundgarden, Intronaut, hehe sounds more like a festival. Shanefest hahahaha
Favorite song: Orion-Metallica

Favorite song to play live:  Orion

Worst Spinal Tap moment: Played Lost Horizon and didn’t have bass drum legs so my band went out to the highway and grabbed sand bags and we used them to hold my bass drum in place while I played
Favorite sport/team:  Chiefs, Yankees, Thunder

Favorite movies: goonies, back to the future, usual suspects, the professional
Favorite TV shows:  Simpsons, Family Guy, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Threes Company, Chips

Favorite food: A LOT of things…not a lot of foods I don’t like. I eat peanut butter and jelly often
Favorite pig-out food: Wings

Favorite color(s): Green. Blue ish colors. Didn’t realize I liked red until I wore a lot of Chiefs gear
Favorite article of clothing:  T-shirts. I have tons of t-shirts. I have a t-shirt problem.
Favorite vacation spot:  Anywhere with a beach. I love the ocean
Worst job:  A flooring place. Owner was a douche
First crush:  One of my first teachers. Like first or second grade. Alyssa Milano also on Who’s the Boss
Worst date:  I don’t recall
Perfect date:  Somewhere quiet without distractions. Outdoors preferably
In my spare time…not a lot. I really enjoy doing nothing and hanging with my children
If You were stranded on an island and could only listen to one album it would be… Master of Puppets…Joe’s Garage…
If You made a movie it would be about … ___music___ and You’d call it... Music is the Best
Who would You count on to rob a bank with you?  ____Haha I actually have a bunch of people I could count on…is that bad?___ Why?  Cuz my friends rock!!!
If you could be anyone for a day it would be… Hugh Heffner

If you could create your own rock & roll heaven for when you die it would… Have all of my favorite musicians and daily open jams